Shopping in Port Vila

Although we are not yet a global shopping mecca, the shopping options in Port Vila have grown in the last few years. Given that most of the tourists come to shop are from Australia and New Zealand we would imagine that the shopping experience you are seeking in Port Vila is about local products. Things you can not get elsewhere and things with local Pacific influence. There is a growing interest in Pacific art and craft and we are happy to provide many different locally made products. The Vanuatu Handicraft Market which is on Wharf road is also new and is focused on promoting Vanuatu arts and craft. We recommend you visit us on the main road any check out our range of items and a visit to Vanuatu wouldn’t be complete without shopping at the local Handicraft market too.

What can you take home to Aus?

When shopping in Port Vila there is a lot of confusion about what items can be taken home to Australia and New Zealand. A lot of the items sold in the shops can be taken home. In fact most of what you buy will be fine. The basic rules are if the item is wooden, make sure the wood is clean and there are no signs of termites or insects (check for small holes or dust falling out if items when lightly shaken). Any local baskets or mats woven from local Pandanus leaf that you purchase in the shops in Port Vila will be fine. These need to be shown to customs when entering your home country but will pass inspection if they are clean. Do not purchase items with feathers on them, or made of nuts and seeds (such as seed necklaces) as these do not pass back into your home country. Many shops in Vanuatu will have information and if you are at the Handicraft Market ask the mammas to show you their PHARMA bio security manuals. These clearly outline what can and cannot be taken back to Australia and NZ.